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    I'm following the steps of Nortel Conveged office fundemantals in order to integrate our CS1000 and  OCS


    My goal now is only to make the OCS users able to call the CS1000 phones and vice versa... I dont need any RCC or dual forking or PSTN connectivity  ... only to call the PBX phones ..


    I implemented the location profile successfully and I can call the OCS user from the OC by thier 4 digits extentions which specified in the LINE URI field


    Now I have many questions :

    1.in the user options : is it poosbile to enable the enterprise voice without enabling the PBX integration ??


     2. is it necassary to fill the SEVER URI field ? .. and if its necessary what shoud type , sip:******;phone-context=cdp.udp@********* ... what are the stars supposed to be ??


    3. in the LINE URI field : is possible to  be like : tel:+1112 (As my current configuration) or it should be like +16385656565; ext=1112 .......


    4. the MCM clearly shows the the PRIMARY SPS status as ACTIVE , what about the mediation server .... How can I make sure that the MCM is communicating with the mediation server successfully ?? .. what is the medition server pool id parameter ?? is it the CS1000 sip gateway name ?


    5. is it necessary to have 2 NIC's in the mediation server .. one to talk with OCS and the other with MCM ... or one NIC is enough ??


    I'm really eager to read your answers



    Sunday, November 30, 2008 2:54 PM

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  • If you do not required the same user to be hosted on CS1000 and OCS and have the same number then you don't need PBX integration (some users on OCS other users on CS1000)

    Server URI is only required for RCC


    You can just use Direct SIP to connect to CS1000

    The LINE URI should be your full E.164 number


    The Mediation server should have two NICs

    Monday, December 1, 2008 10:18 PM
  • Hi,


    You say that you "dont need any RCC or dual forking" however understand that if you are following the converged office solution then you will be implementing the dual forking scenario. I see that you are following the steps to deploy the dual forking scenario thou.

    See feedback below:

    1. Yes this is possible then OCS is the endpoint and only uses Nortel as a gateway to PSTN or needs another way to get to PSTN.

    2. If you are implementing the converged office then yes. sip:users extension number;phone-context=CDP.UDP@FQDN of proxy server

    3. line should be +16385656565; ext=1112

    4. the mediation servers next hop is the MCM address and then that hops to the SPS. make sure you check host authorization and trust and throttle the servers on the MCM. 

    5. not necessary  but depends if they are on the same or different subnets. I recommend to use 2 as this is simple.




    Thursday, December 4, 2008 3:38 PM
  • thank u all

    Actually I need to implement RCC and Dual forking ... But after following the steps I failed to have any communication between the ocs users and the PBX users... so I returned back to a smaller target ..


    About the SERVER URI feild ... which should be read as sip:users extension number;phone-context=CDP.UDP@FQDN of proxy server

    some people told me that it should be sip:users extension number;phone-context=CDP.UDP@SIP Domain name


    in the nortel converged office they wrote : cdp.udp@test.com  ... this is why I asked about what it should be




    Saturday, December 6, 2008 6:43 AM
  • Hi,
    The server URI (msRTCSIP-LineServer) should be sip:sip:XXXX;phone-context=CDP.UDP@<FQDN of the ocs proxy server> as the proxy is the next hop.


    Wednesday, March 18, 2009 1:18 PM