Cannot drill down on custom chart RRS feed

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  • I have been looking all over the web on how to do this, and I still can't get a definite answer.  I created a custom chart (see code below) that displays sales of products from the salesorderdetail entity group by a category on the product.  The chart works perfectly, but I can't drill down.  One think I would like to do is do a drill down on the chart to see the data by "customer" for example.  The field on the "X" axis is quantity from salesorderdetail, which is set to Searchable.  The category field that I am using for the grouping is also searchable.  Any ideas?  Here is the code:

      <name>Total Amount by Created On</name>
            <fetch mapping="logical" aggregate="true">
              <entity name="salesorder">
                <link-entity name="salesorderdetail" from="salesorderid" to="salesorderid">
                  <attribute name="quantity" alias="aggregate_sales" aggregate="sum"/>
                    <link-entity name="product" from="productid" to="productid">
                      <attribute name="ace_category" alias="groupBy_category" groupby="true" />
                <measure alias="aggregate_sales" />
        <Chart Palette="None" PaletteCustomColors="55,118,193; 197,56,52; 149,189,66; 117,82,160; 49,171,204; 255,136,35; 97,142,206; 209,98,96; 168,203,104; 142,116,178; 93,186,215; 255,155,83">
            <Series ChartType="Bar" IsValueShownAsLabel="True" Color="149, 189, 66" BackGradientStyle="TopBottom" BackSecondaryColor="112, 142, 50" Font="{0}, 9.5px" LabelForeColor="59, 59, 59" CustomProperties="PointWidth=0.75, MaxPixelPointWidth=40">
              <SmartLabelStyle Enabled="True" />
            <ChartArea BorderColor="White" BorderDashStyle="Solid">
              <AxisY LabelAutoFitMinFontSize="8" TitleForeColor="59, 59, 59" TitleFont="{0}, 10.5px" LineColor="165, 172, 181" IsReversed="False">
                <MajorGrid LineColor="239, 242, 246" />
                <LabelStyle Font="{0}, 10.5px" ForeColor="59, 59, 59" />
              <AxisX LabelAutoFitMinFontSize="8" TitleForeColor="59, 59, 59" TitleFont="{0}, 10.5px" LineColor="165, 172, 181" IsReversed="False">
                <MajorGrid Enabled="False" />
                <MajorTickMark Enabled="False" />
                <LabelStyle Font="{0}, 10.5px" ForeColor="59, 59, 59" />
            <Title Alignment="TopLeft" DockingOffset="-3" Font="{0}, 13px" ForeColor="59, 59, 59" />

    Friday, October 4, 2013 8:02 AM

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  • If the chart xml been modified then this can affect the drill down capabilities. I suggest creating the chart from CRM and running it without making any adjustments to the xml code. Sometimes even the simplest of visual changes can remove the ability to drill down.

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    Friday, October 4, 2013 9:52 AM
  • You can't make this type of chart using CRM.  It doesn't let you create charts with linked entities.  If you notice, I need to display sales grouped by a category field that exists in the product entity.  For that, I have to link two entities.
    Friday, October 4, 2013 10:07 AM
  • This post describes how to group by a field on a related entity's related entity, which is what you need to go from salesorderdetail -> salesorder -> account.


    You will certainly lose some drill-down functionality, but often you can regain some of it after the first drill-down. It's certainly not ideal, and it's a few extra clicks.

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    Friday, October 4, 2013 10:43 PM
  • Ulrik, I don't have an issue with the grouping.  That is working perfectly.  The drill-down is not working, though.  Unless you are saying that I need to start with salesorderid as the top?  Not sure what you are suggesting...
    Wednesday, October 9, 2013 4:57 PM