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  • I am aspiring to take many different certification tests.  I just scheduled a test through Prometric at South Puget Sound Community Collage, a testing center 10 min from my house.  The testing center was closed and my test was canceled.  I called Prometric, was on hold for 15 minutes waiting for a customer service rep and  I was hung up on.  I called back, waited 15 more minutes to actually talk to someone.  When I did,  I asked why another testing facility close to me was not offering the exam my coworker just took there a week ago.  The best answer was that Tacoma Community Collage was not working with Prometric any more.  The next closest facility was inside Fort Lewis.  I do not want to be hassled getting on base so I asked for the next closest facility.  They said Bremerton, that's an hour if not more away form me.  I said sure, that will work.  They then returned to tell me that facility would be closed for a month.  I then asked for the next closest.  They said MountLake Terrace(a little north of Seattle) which is 2 hours away from me. I scheduled my test and was completely upset.  I just spent an hour and a half on the phone, didn't get any real answers, and now have to drive 2 hours to test when my coworker took the same test in Tacoma(25 min away) a week ago.  

    I'm in Washington State, the home of Microsoft.  Why do I have to travel 2 hours away and work with a poor company(Prometric) to schedule my Microsoft Exams?  I have taken 3 tests through Prometric and every time it has been a hassle in some way.  Is there another company I can use to schedule and take my exams?  Why doesn't every collage in Washington State have a Microsoft testing facility?

    Thursday, February 27, 2014 5:08 PM

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  • Rarely do I ever call them unless absolutely necessary. Have you worked with the Prometric web site? It's not great but it won't hang up on you.

    There are only six (6) test sites in Washington:

    Technology Learning Group, Inc
    Phone 425-201-2027
    Site Code WA15
    12822 SE 32ND STREET

    Charter College
    Phone 360-647-5000
    Site Code WA147
    Charter College
    410 W. Bakerview Rd. Suite 112
    Bellingham, WASHINGTON 98226

    Olympic College
    Phone 3604757238
    Site Code wa76
    1600 Chester Avenue
    Humanities Student Services
    Rm 222
    Bremerton, WASHINGTON 98337

    Prometric Testing Center
    Phone 425-697-3798
    Site Code WA132
    22002 64th Ave W
    Suite B/C
    Microsoft Certified Masters Site
    Mountlake Terrace, WASHINGTON 98043 

    TSS Redmond LLC
    Phone 869-6800
    Site Code WA143
    8461 154th Avenue NE
    Bldg G
    Redmond, WASHINGTON 98052

    Phone 509-328-8077
    Site Code WAF
    920 N ARGONNE Road Suite 305
    Suite 305

    Best wishes, Davin Mickelson

    Thursday, February 27, 2014 5:20 PM
  • Well two weeks ago we had 8 testing centers.  I was a little perturbed to find out the two closest testing centers to me no longer existed.  I don't know Microsoft take on this but I'm sure they would be a little concerned to here their testing centers are dwindling, and in their home state. 
    Thursday, February 27, 2014 9:34 PM
  • I am sure Prometric will be adding more test sites to Washington in the near future.

    Please understand that Microsoft exams are just a small chunk of all the exams Prometric offers. As well, there simply aren't that many worldwide test providers that Microsoft can work with.

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    Good luck!

    Best wishes, Davin Mickelson

    Friday, February 28, 2014 5:51 AM