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  • I would like to start a top 10 list of FAQ's. I know there are already a bunch of FAQ's posted on the fourm, however it seems that many of them were written before PP3 (Power Pack 3), and some of them are even before PP2.  If you have something to add to this post, please do. Please do not ask questions here, start a new topic for any questions. If you are a moderator of the fourm, PLEASE feel free to modify my post to fix any problems,corrections, or addtions. This may end up being more or less than 10 items, it's just a catchy title.

    Backing up your home server, so that if you have a server hardware falure you can restore ALL of your important documents, and client backups.
       *someone has a good write up of how to correctly take care of this problem, you will need to have an external hardrive to backup the server in the first place, but in my opinion you should backup the server from day one before you start storing all of you files on the server. The idea of WHS is to backup all of you important files, and also have an easy way to share these files on you home network, it just doesn't make since to not have this data backed up on the server, since you are now placing "all of your eggs in one basket" http://social.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/whssoftware/thread/be7c4c9a-ae3b-444d-99e2-5b4a29289c13 

    You have installed WHS PP3 (Windows Home Server Power Pack 3) 30-day demo (also works on the older 120 day trail), and you have decided to upgrade to a full retail copy.
       *You will have to completly reinstall the WHS OS, if done correctly you will keep all of your backups and files, but the server configureation will have to be redone, and all of the client's will have to be rejoined to the server. Please check this FAQ, it is a year old as of this post, but I think it is still correct? http://social.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/whsfaq/thread/7a323a25-01d6-4f89-91d7-01474f0a19b5 

    Managing WHS, and what you should know:
        * Only manage the server from the WHS Console. The server is designed for the average home user to backup there home computers, and also have an easy way to share files, and printers. If you attempt to run anything outside of the WHS Console program, you can cause file damage/loss. The WHS OS is made to run on systems like the HP MediaSmart Server, they are head-less computers (computers desinged to run with out monitor, keyboard, mouse). On a head-less install of WHS the only way to manage the server is from one of the clients using the WHS Console, just becuase you many have it installed on a standard computer, doesn't mean that you should attempt to change any setting outside of the console, you are running a high risk of data loss or damage doing anything that you would attemt on a standard PC/Server, even trying to just run the standard disk defragementer could damage your data to a point were you lose everything.

    Hard drive management: 
       * After installing WHS you will find that the OS (Operation System) has configured your have drive with multiple partions, the "C: Drive SYS" contanes the core of the operating system, the "D: Drive DATA" is were all of your files and backups are stored.
       *DO NOT TRY TO MANAGE THE HARD DRIVE PARTIONS, MS (Microsoft) has the OS setup to take care of the hardrive partions for you, if you install WHS on a computer with two hard drives, it will basiclly make one large harddrive out of them, and completly manage were the data is distributed.
       *MS doesn't support Raid on WHS, I currently have my server running a Raid 5 with six hard drives (for the past four days) with no problems.
       * Do not plan on trying to setup your server with muliple storage areas for you to manage, Example: I configured my server with two drives in a Raid 1 for the OS, and four drives in a Raid 5 for the data/backup files. After the install of the OS was completed, the OS has made one large drive out of the two raids, and then making the C and D drives as desiribed earlier. This is not what I wanted, so I ended up having to reinstall the OS with the drives configured in a different manner. Remember WHS is designed for the avarage home user, not for people that know what Raid even means, or how to partion a drive... so for the avrage user is is not a problem.
       *If you install WHS with one or more drives attached, WHS will format all drives attached, and you will loss all of the data already on the drives, the WHS installer warns you of this when it gets to that part of the install.
       *After WHS is installed you can always add more Hard drives for additional stoarage. There are more than one way to add the drives, but as of this writting I do not have much knownage of exactly how this works, so I will get back to it later.

    AntiVirus Software:
       *I personally am a huge beleaver in antivirus software on any server. At this point I am still looking for what might be the right package to install on my WHS. It would be nice if Microsoft would release a version of "Microsoft Security Essentials" that is compatable with WHS. If they did this, and made and add-in that also checks to see if all client PC's are also protected, it would be a nice addtion to the package.

    I am not affiliated with Microsoft in anyway, and at this point I don't consider myself an expert on Windows Home Server.

    Tuesday, December 29, 2009 5:50 PM