Message size RRS feed

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  • I've found that connecting to the server (OCS2007, Communicator 2007) via TLS (port 5061) there's a maximum message size ("This message was not delivered to ‎ZZZZ because it is too large:"). So one question is - what exactly is the maximum message size?! It's very frustrating from the user's point of view as they don't know how large/small to make their messages. At least MSN messenger block you from typing over its specific limit.

    Now, if you connect via plain TCP (port 5060), it's different - there's doesn't seem to be a maximum message size. But, messages are going over the wire in the clear.

    • Why the difference?
    • Is this a client or server issue?
    • If it's a client issue - will it be fixed?
    • Wheres the documentation on these limitations?
    Wednesday, October 24, 2007 1:04 PM