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  • I've got a new problem with my Xbox 360/XBMC being able to see music, video, and photo shares from my WHS.



    (1) My two Xbox 360s have been able to see and play all media content on my WHS for about the 6 months

    (2) The guest account is enabled and media sharing is turned on.

    (3) All 5 PCs (3 XP and 2 Vista running the WHS connector s/w) can see and play all media in the "Shared Folders".

    (4) I have no problems accessing the WHS console from a client PC

    (5) Last week I added two old Xbox consoles running XBMC software to the network. They also have no problems seeing and playing all content on the WHS, accessed through "UPnP Server" option.

    (6) There are no recent Windows Updates I can see that would explain this behavior

    (7) Each 360 and XBMC is using a static IP address, and is directly connected to the same subnet as the WHS through a 16-port Linksys switch.



    A couple of days ago, my wife started watching videos from the WHS on her Vista Home Premium laptop. She is playing the files using WMP11 through the "Shared Files" shortcut.


    Each time she starts streaming a video, if a 360 is also streaming a video, the 360 eventually halts playback and loses the ability to see anything on the WHS share. If I select "Select Source" from the Media blade, the WHS shows up on the list of UPnP PCs, but selecting it causes the 360 to display the "360 spinning dot logo". The operation ever completes, and eventually the 360 complains that the connection to the server has been lost.


    Rebooting the WHS resolves the problem, and as long as a PC is not used to stream files while the 360 is doing so, the 360 continues to see all of the shared content.


    I mentioned the XBMC because the problem first appeared there. I powered down the XBMC consoles, but saw that both of my 360s had the same problem.



    (1) There are some warning messages in the WHS log about the "PlugPlay Manager" event 257 "timing out sending notification of target device change to window of LDM service. The KB article refers to W2K3 and McAfee anti-virus, but I got the impression that perhaps heavy disk loading or network I/O could make UPnP on WHS stop responding.


    (2) Permissions - I've made sure the the guest account is enabled and set it to full access (temporarily). This seemed to have no effect. I don't think it is a permissions problem.


    (3) Slow WHS performance - I built my WHS on the cheap, using a 5 year-old P4 2.4 and some old IDE hard drives. I've got three external USB drives where most of the content is stored (duplication enabled). Occasionally, I see errors in the Application logs complaining about each of the drives being unavailable. For example:


    Got Error: qsm.07deb345-9e15-4e5c-b805-05ec3845db55.Object Type:WHS_NOTIFICATION_ADD HeadTongue Tiedtorage Status Desc:Volume with name Primary Volume is failing. Please try to run Repair to fix errors for disk Maxtor 6Y080P0.


    Got Error: qsm.8be0eace-3c40-4e7c-bc69-be22cbbb2fa8.Object Type:WHS_NOTIFICATION_ADD HeadTongue Tiedtorage Status Desc:Volume with name DE Secondary Volume is failing. Please try to run Repair to fix errors for disk Seagate FreeAgentDesktop USB Device.


    It looks ominous, but each of the drives appears healthy in the console. and CHKDSK reports no problems. I chalk this up to the occasional situation where the WHS is getting slammed and trying to balance storage at the same time.



    There seems to be no exact event in the system logs I can pin the failure to. The UPnP seems to die shortly after a PC starts streaming.


    Thanks for any insight.

    Monday, May 26, 2008 7:59 PM

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