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    We've got a Client who has recently gone IFD after being On Premise, but accessed internally via Citrix..

    We've got an issue with Dynamic Worksheets created, which won't connect to CRM.

    There is a solution to this, install the Outlook Connector, but the Client has been less than impressed by the performance of Outlook once the Connector has been installed.  The solution is this, with a workaround - which doesn't really work either or is so convoluted that Users would seriously baulk at having to complete it every time! http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2556284/en-gb

    Is it possible to somehow install the Outlook Connector and not actually have it interact with Outlook, but to still allow Dynamic Worksheets to work?

    Hopefully this makes sense, but unfortunately the trade-off in poor Outlook Performance is not one that the Client is willing to accept.

    Someone must have resolved this without needing to impact on Outlook?  All we need is the connection to be set up and then for it not to actually interact with Outlook at all (in CRM terms) as the performance degradation is too bad.

    Admittedly we're only on UR13 at the moment, but we can't see that UR17 will improve the performance that much, from where we were with Outlook and the CRM add-in installed.




    Thursday, June 5, 2014 11:11 AM