File transfer errors between WP8.1 and W8.1 RRS feed

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  • This is probably in the wrong forum. But I cannot find anything which this falls under.

    Also please forgive my lack of competence in filing an issue like this.

    I own a Lumia 1020 and was trying to move photos off my phone to laptop. More specifically was trying to move the DNGs. I had already moved the jpegs. When it came to cutting or copying the DNGs I keep getting an unknown error saying that the operation would not work. (sorry I don't have a screenshot of the prompt)

    Now, I decided to restart my phone and lo and behold that batch of DNGs are now lost. Which I must say is quite a bad thing given that those photos were rather important.

    Since that cannot be undone, I decided to move the other DNGs which to my surprise actually did start the transfer process without any hiccup. But, when my phone went to sleep it seemed to sever the connection between my laptop and phone thus killing the file transfer process and generally 'unplugging' itself from my laptop until I unlocked it again.

    Again I'm not sure how to submit this or under what category it falls. But this is an issue which shouldn't be happening with the finalised version of WP8.1

    Monday, August 25, 2014 8:27 AM

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