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  • Hi all,

    Were in the process of upgrading Visual Studio from 6.0 to 2008.

    Is there a place where I can find a list of compiler changes (for C/C++), e.g: the differences on how the new compiler compiles the code compared to 6.0, errata, etc.

    I'm just worried about hidden problems that may arise when using Visual Studio 2008 to compile C/C++ code developed using 6.0 and what I should watch out for.

    An example of one difference I found was (long) typecasting, where (I know its "undefined") the value being typecasted to long exceeded long's range. In VS6.0, the 32-bit notation of that value was retained even though it did not fall within long's range (e.g. the value 4278190080 was long typecasted to 0xFF000000). However in VS9.0, the typecasting changes the 32-bit notation to 0x80000000 regardless of what out-of-range value gets typecasted.

    Is there such a list/documentation available?

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