WHS2011 remote access dyndns registration problem RRS feed

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  • I recently purchased and installed WHS2011 as an upgrade from my WHSv1. I configured remote access and it was working initially but now it's not. It appears that the dyndns registration is incorrectly using the internal IP address of the WHS2011 box instead of my external IP. From nwtools.com, I can do an express lookup and it returns:


    TraceRoute to [tgvail.homeserver.com]

    Trace complete

    Retrieving DNS records for tgvail.homeserver.com...

    DNS servers

    ns1.azure.net []
    ns2.azure.net []

    Answer records

    tgvail.homeserver.com                                                 A                          300s


    I have manually configured my router for port forwarding and know it's still working as I can enter: https://external_IP/remote and get the WHS2011 remote access login page. The problem appears to be with the dyndns registration. I have released the domain and registered a new one and get the same results.

    Anyone else having this issue? How can I get the dydns registration to report my external IP instead of the servers internal IP address?

    Tuesday, May 15, 2012 11:16 AM