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  • When stitching images that are jampacked (as they say) with metadata, the final stitched picture will not contain ANY metadata, except fo GPS coordinates and original creator. Even camera metadata is gone. It's completely destroyed in the final image.

    As you can imagine, this is horrible for photographers like myself. It makes this tool next to useless, no matter how brilliantly it renders (and it does!). I can't go and manually copy over all those fields for every pano that I make. Too much work.

    Here's my suggestion then: copy all metadata that CAN be copied (i.e. is equal among pictures) and average out the rest. Anything that is not equal and can't be averaged: balls to it. This mechanism will likely retain almost all metadata for a given set, since most pano's are captured with camera settings fixed.

    Here's some proof:

    But there's much more. More than this, and more than the Properties pane even shows.

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