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  • I was number 1 in msn for over a year. All of the sudden I'm not listed anymore! I have a PR 4 and web rank of 4. Nothing has changed on my page for years. I'm not blocked, If I search key words in webmaster tools my index page comes up along with other linked pages. Page that I'm linked to have pr's of 4and5. I have not been crawled since Aug. It shows I'm not blocked! I have resubmitted my url many times? I'm #1 on google, yahoo, and so many other search engines I couldn't name them all. What's going on with ms? My site is www.bigislandprivatechef.com searching for a private chef on the big island of hawaii on most any search engine shows my page #1 or on the top page.

    Monday, September 29, 2008 3:15 AM