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  • I made a very simple Windows Forms application. It consists of a Form, and a WebBrowser inside. The WebBrowser starts at a predefined page (in our intranet).
    I made a version back in april 2007, and it works fine, even today. Back then I had a .config file to choose the target address, but I deleted it on deployment (I have no diea why, I was just starting .Net at the time).

    Today, I want to update the app, to change the Starting Url. However, whenever I navigate to that Url, I get a "Navigation cancelled" page in IE, and when I click Refresh, it says the page was not found. This is inside an intranet, so it can't be the firewall. I tried navigating to a couple other sites. Google.com is ok. I also have another intranet website, and it works fine.

    All the intranet websites use Windows Authentication
    <authentication mode="Windows"/>
    The problematic website also uses impersonation.
    <identity impersonate="true"/>
    <authentication mode="Windows"/>
        <allow users="*" />

    So, to sum up, by compile date:
    april 2007, website1 (WinAuth, impersonate): ok
    today, website1 (WinAuth, impersonate): bad
    today, website2 (WinAuth, no impersonate): ok
    today, google.com: ok

    My question is: what's the problem with WebBrowser? Why did it work 2 years ago and doesn't today?
    I'm using Windows Server 2003, .Net 2.0
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