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  • I looked on the "looking for group" tab and it gives me the error message of "because of your past behavior, you can't use looking for group" and then a message popped up on my screen that reads "notice of enforcement action: for the information, check the email associated with your Xbox Live account, or visit enforcement.xbox.com" so I visited the link and it says that my account has a perfect track record and I still cannot use the looking for groups, so I looked at my actual record and there was only one complaint for "unsportsman" and I have a good player rating so I do not understand why I cannot look for groups while I'm playing the game and I want to play it with more people. Like how does one little report when I'm still in the good rating that I am somehow banned from the "looking for group" tab? I am honestly infuriated by this. I'm just trying to play the game and Xbox is not letting me at this point and I have done nothing wrong, to my knowledge, for this ban of some sort. And now I am communication banned for another 4 hours...but why? Like I didn't do anything wrong...
    Sunday, October 15, 2017 8:24 PM