"Preserve regions" not always respected RRS feed

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  • I'm trying to stitch together a video with a bunch of nearby regions I want to preserve - the application is a skiier doing a jump.

    I've encountered a couple of problems in doing so:

    1. Regions can be missing from the final stitch, with no explanation. Sometimes adding a region later in the video causes one from earlier in the video to disappear.
    2. Going back to the import page and removing a region does not always remove it from the stitch, but changing the camera motion seems to cause it to rerender properly without it - seems there's a caching problem of some kind

    Presumably, ICE picks some subset of all the video frames, and sometimes ends up not picking the frame with the region requested. Is it possible to see exactly which frames are picked?

    Edit: It seems that problem 2 happens every time, when stepping back to undo the change that caused problem 1.
    Edit 2: I'm using frames containing multiple regions when experiencing these bugs

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