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    Dear experts


    I have few more questions on on-premise OCS 2007 voice,video,web conferencing as below so all your help is highly appreciated:


    Voice Conferencing:


    • Do OCS 2007 released version support Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese (Brazil), and Spanish?
    • Do OCS 2007 support Breakout sessions? if yes please explain as I assume it is only supported using Live Meeting Service
    • Is there any policy setting to record voice conferencing using OCS 2007?
    • Do OCS 2007 voice conferencing allows inviting other users by dialing out and by email?
    • Do CPE based OCS 2007 voice conferencing have application and desktop sharing?


    Web Conferencing:

    • Using annotation feature can we share desktop and applications, media files, whiteboards?
    • For presentations can you set a policy to convert to PNG files or use native format for PowerPoint?
    • Is the web conferencing recordings synchronized or not?


    Video Conferencing:

    • What types of video capabilities are supported for OCS 2007 Multi-point Video Conferencing?


    Instant Messaging:

    • If federated to AOL, yahoo or MSN etc. can we launch voice, video and web directly from an IM session?



    • What is the maximum size of open forum OCS 2007 meetings?
    • Do OCS support Lecture style meetings for both web and voice conferencing?
    • What kind of reporting is allowed using OCS 2007 for all modes of conferencing?
    • Does OCS 2007 support load balancing and failover mechanisms?
    • What different enterprise directories are supported on OCS 2007 other than AD?




    Wednesday, May 28, 2008 9:33 PM


  • Voice
    - You can find the languages supported by OCS and Communicator here, which seems like the same place you received your list.  The released version supports the same languages.
    - Breakout sessions are not supported in OCS web conferences.  There is a list of the differences here.
    - If you record a session and attendees are connected through web conferencing voice, then the audio is recorded.  There is no policy to record all audio.
    - You can send e-mails for OCS-based conference calls but in the current release there is not support for dial-in numbers via OCS.
    - One of the usability limitations of joining a voice conversation via CPE is that you cannot escalate to a web conference.  You must initiate that from a desktop client.

    Web Conferencing
    - Yes.
    - No.
    - Yes.

    Video Conferencing
    - I'm not sure what you are looking for exactly.  Multi-party video can be used in either Communicator or Live Meeting.  In Communicator the active speaker is displayed.  In a web conference you have the option to show the active speaker or select a specific video stream.

    Instant Messaging
    - Only IM is supported with the public IM (PIC) providers.

    - See the file I referenced ealier.
    - Yes, you can mute all other participants.
    - Please review the existing documentation.
    - Yes, with a hardware load balancer.
    - None.
    Thursday, May 29, 2008 1:10 PM