Overwrite old entity's and it's associated entity's data by new data in Ms Crm by c# RRS feed

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  • Hello guys ,

    Our business uses ui to show customer details and list of phone no

    User can add as many phone nos as he wishes to.
    If user want to delete existing phone and add new ones , he can.
    Also user can modify other detais like date of birth , first name.

    This data is linked to Ms Crm Databse so customer is parent entity and phone no is associated child entity.

    I want to get all the data into any single entity including
    detais like date of birth , first name
    new list of phone no as child entities
    from UI 
    and fire a method which will overwrite old customer data with new one including old phone no with new ones.

    I found Update(Entity e) is restricted to entity level.
    So if you update customer entity , it wont update it's associated childs.

    Is there any method by Crm Sdk which can accomplish this ?

    If anyone has some idea , I would really appreaciate it

    Thanks ,
    Wednesday, August 6, 2014 3:18 PM