Resident Evil 4 on Vista: d3dx9_30.dll

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  • I enjoy playing resident evil so much. that was why i was about to die of waiting when this last one was released for more than a year after it was created.


    When i finally got my hands on it, it was also the time that i had my new laptop.


    So all of you who might be encountering same problems for your games: the error d3dx9_30.dll


    In Resident Evil 4 made by Ubisoft you will notice that they made it for windows 2000/XP (only) the word"only" here is not my own invention, see the pack for yourselves.


    So, what do Resident Evil diehards do to play it on OS Vista?


    Very easy simple steps.:


    Since you are reading this thread, i assume that you are on the microsoft site.


    1st: go to downloads

    2nd: download direct x

    3rd: let microsoft authenticate

    4th: run the downloaded program

    5th: install everything


    6th: assuming you have followed me, the start playing!!!


    assuming that you are so dumb that you cannot find the microsoft downloads


    1st: type d3dx9_30.dll on the search box

    2nd: i doubt if you would be more dumber than that




    good luck



    I do not take any credits for this one.

    I give all the credits to Microsoft!!!




    thanks microsoft

    Thursday, December 27, 2007 4:17 AM

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