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  • Hello everyone! Just to check in with all of you, it would be incredibly helpful if you could send any information to us regarding memory dumps or Watson reports.


    For Watson reports, logging into your Windows Home Server will notify you if there's been any created and simply send them to us.


    For memory dumps, simply contact us via a bug if you have the following file:


    However, we highly recommend enabling "Complete memory dump"s by taking the following steps:

    Either login locally or RDP to (for a "headless" setup) your Home Server,

    Click Start, right click on "Computer" and choose "System Properties.

    In the popup that appears, select the "Advanced" tab, click "Startup & Recovery" and in the last section "Write Debugging Info" make sure it is set for "Complete Memory Dump".


    That's about it and thanks in advance!


     -Jessep Bangham-

    Friday, June 20, 2008 10:54 PM

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  • Send mem dumps how and excactly where? (The easy and fast way) I have 2 and one is 2gig. If a person really doesn't know how the error occured or when. How is one supposed to really fill out a detailed 'bug' report? These are questions I have never had answered completely at any time. BTW I am on XP64 without the connector software so that rules out some of the 'tools' to use.
    Thank You for a precise answer.
    Sunday, July 6, 2008 2:30 AM
  • Two items below your post, is a post titled How to submit feedback and bugs on Connect. It contains most of the possible information you might need, but note that you need to be logged in to the Connect site to do so.




    Sunday, July 6, 2008 1:33 PM
  • I am aware of that post amoung others. However It really doesn't answer the situation I am in. I did however manage to extract the Server exclusive toolkit msi from the main whs toolkit package. Which BTW the WHSToolkit that is offered is NOT 64 bit compatable.

    I am real hesitant in installing the 64 bit connector software that came with PP1 on my (Primary) machine in rememberance of my experience (& Others) from before with the 32 bit connector software and me lappy (I no longer have laptop because I gave it away)

    As for the 2 gig dmp file, I recon I can just zip it up and fire it off in an email aye.

    I do see your willingness to help on many occasions (commendable). However I do believe in an effort to get ones postings 'score' or 'recognition' points higher one tends NOT to read the whole post with 'understanding'.,, just a lil observation.

    I'll figure out another way...I always do.
    Tuesday, July 8, 2008 2:18 AM