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  • My wife bought a Samsung laptop which (unfortunately) had Vista pre-installed, and a 90-day trial version of Office 2007.  As we already have Office 2003 (bought for an earlier laptop), and are familiar with it (and unfamiliar with the paradigm-shift that is Office 2007), we installed Office 2003 on the new machine.  Every time we run up an Office application, it says something like 'application versions do not match', though if we click 'OK', it then allows us to use our (fully licensed) Office 2003 applications.  Also, Outlook regularly hangs with the circle ('wait forever') symbol spinning.  Sometimes (such as now) I can't even kill Outlook from task manager.  This is a regular occurrence - at least once a day.  Any ideas?  Or should I just bite the bullet, bin the loathsome Vista and upgrade to WIndows 7?

    BTW, when I selected 'ask a Question', it was pointing at Vista.  This seems to have switched to Windows Live One Care (Looks like someone else had the same problem).  Is the forum as reliable as Microsoft software - ie have the users still to complete their testing?  :(


    Friday, January 7, 2011 9:32 PM


  • I have no idea how you ended up here. The Office forums are here: http://social.answers.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/group/Office

    And, if you started at the top level of Answers and had selected Vista, there are forums for that, too. These forums are for Windows Live OneCare and exist on a different forum back end, so there's no way you could have been flung here from Answers.

    In any event, Office 2003 works just fine on Vista (and Windows 7). Since the machine had the trial of Office 2007 pre-installed, remove that first. Then install Office 2003 and then upgrade it to the latest service pack and apply all security updates for Office 2003 - there have been many.

    If you remove both versions of Office from Control Panel/Programs and Features, your settings and documents for the existing Office 2003 will not be lost. When you reinstall and update Office 2003 all settings and preferences should be restored.

    If you have further issues or questions, post to the Office forums.

    In my opinion, if you can find a nice deal of a copy of the Win7 upgrade, go for it. Vista isn't loathesome, but Win7 is a better OS, in my opinion.


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    Saturday, January 8, 2011 3:15 AM