Move GB's of photos from PC to Windows Home Server, is SyncToy the best tool? RRS feed

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  • My wife has about 800 GB of files (mostly pictures) that I want to move from her PC to my WHS box now that the data corruption problem is fixed.


    She has been copying them folder by folder and has yet to delete any files on her PC.


    I'm thinking of using SyncToy as an "audit" to make sure that folders copied thus far have been successfully copied prior to deleting the files on her PC, and then use SyncToy itself to copy folders that she has yet to copy herself.


    Is this the best tool for the job?


    Also, I think "copy, audit, delete" (i.e. a "safe" relocate) option would be a good add-on to this tool. I'd even volunteer to add it to the code if it was "opened up" for additional development.


    Thoughts / comments?



    P.S. WHS is great, server now has 4 x 1TB drives in it -- likely going to add another 2TB early next year.

    Thursday, September 18, 2008 12:04 AM


  • Of course SyncToy is the best tool for the job.  Oh wait, am I being a little biased?  :-) 


    Seriously I do think that SyncToy is a viable option for you here.  It also looks like you are aware of the WHS issue they were having with SyncToy some time back which is good background information for you.


    Please let us know how it goes if you choose to implement this.



    Friday, September 19, 2008 4:50 PM