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    I have to design a system to cater following need:

    1. The application should work in a offline and Online mode.
    2. When the application is offline all the data should be saved into SQL Express the local D/B.
    3. When the offline application comes online the data saved in the Local D/B should be synchronized with the main D/B.


    The sync methodology which we had aggred upon is following:
    1. In first step both the schema should be synchronized.
    2. In second step the data from Local D/B(Client D/B) should be pushed to Main D/B.: This step we are calling as Sync Up.
    3. In third step the required data as per business logic pushed from main D/B to  local D/B. : This step we are calling as Sync down.

    Any conflict that occur in either step 2 or step 3 should be handled and be reported in Conflict resolution module.


    Customer Requirement:
    The customer needs the Sync service layer should be SOA enabled.

    Please let me know if Microsoft Sync Framework will ver 2.0 will cater to all my needs and if yes what would be best possible archietctural solution for the same using WCF.


    Any suggestion or idea is quite appreciated.


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  • Step 1. Sync of schemas is not supported.

    Step 3. Please expain more precisely what is going on here in terms of the business logic.



    Tuesday, November 18, 2008 10:57 PM