Issue with iTrace Collection Plan ,not restricting to specified process.


  • We are trying to get IntelliTrace log in background. Once the solution is launched from installed location , Itrace has to start in background. Instead of running IntellitraceSC.exe in  Command prompt with START command we included below parameter in Environment Variable. 

    Here iTrace file is getting logged, but its logging for all the process like EventViewer,PowerShell and many other . Since we are interested in collecting only for our solution. 

    Steps followed to collect iTrace,

    1.  After download and expand cab file , the IntelliTraceSC.exe resides in C:\IntelliTraceCollector

     2. Included all the below parameters to Control Panel-- > System --> System Environment variable

    •  COR_PROFILER={aaaaaa70-dfed-4cb4-a1d6-920f51e9674a}
    •  COR_PROFILER_PATH = C:\IntelliTraceCollector\x64\Microsoft.IntelliTrace.Profiler.14.0.0.SC.dll
    •    VSLOGGER_CPLAN=C:\IntelliTraceCollector\collection_plan.ASP.NET.Default.xml

    The issue is Itrace logging for all the process, hence memory consumption is high.

    We modified collection_plan.ASP.NET.default in TraceInstrumentation and DiagnosticEventInstrumentation section as below ,

    -<TraceInstrumentation enabled="true">


    -<ModuleList isExclusionList="false">







    -<ProcessList isExclusionList="false">








    -<DiagnosticEventInstrumentation enabled="true">

    <ModuleList isExclusionList="true"> </ModuleList>

    -<ProcessList isExclusionList="false">







    Even after the modification, Itrace is logging for EventViewer,PowerShell and other process. 

    Could you please advise to get Itrace for only specified process. 

    Thanks in advance.

    Monday, September 3, 2018 1:08 PM

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