How to troubleshoot certificate problems "cannot connect this computer to the network"? RRS feed

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  • Ok I've read a lot of threads here and elsewhere but am unable to fix my issue so I'm specifically asking for help to troubleshoot Windows certificate problems. Here is my situation:

    • I'm trying to connect my laptop (Win7 Ultimate) to WHS 2011. My laptop is one of 3 client PCs connected to WHS.
    • The connection worked fine for about a month (I had Connector installed, my laptop was backed up, I was able to log in from Launchpad etc.). Then suddenly, I could not log in to Launchpad due to the error "The server appears to be offline. Do you want to sign in to offline mode?". The message is misleading as the server was clearly online (my other devices could connect to it just fine, I could RDP to it from my laptop etc.)
    • Then I uninstalled the Connector from my laptop and am trying to install it again. It passes network scan, identifies WHS on my networks, asks for server password, accepts it and even warns me that on the server, there is already the computer with the same name registered (that is right, I had connector working for a month or so). However, in the next step it fails with "Cannot connect this computer to the network... This computer is unable to establish a trust relationship with the server. Verify that the computer's date and time are accurate and try again." This lead me in the right direction - it supposedly means some certificate errors.

    I then tried to verify date and time on server and my laptop (all's OK), tried to renew server certificate, tried to remove this newer certificate and clean up certificates on the laptop but still no joy.

    I don't know what to do. Reinstalling laptop is not an option, I need to solve this.

    How should the certificates look like on WHS and on the client? On the server, I've got this:

    On the client (laptop), it looks like this:

    I've confirmed that from the client perspective, the certificate page looks the same on all devices. Still, for some reason, only on the laptop I cannot connect. BTW I've reinstalled .NET Framework 4.0 which is sometimes suggested and still no luck.

    Can anyone help me or point me in the right direction? Are there some event logs I could look at etc?

    Saturday, March 24, 2012 1:02 PM

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