Microsoft CRM 4.0 or 2011 integration with Website and other legacy systems...... Use Biztalk 2010 ? RRS feed

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  • We are in the midst of a CRM project, and looking at what middleware to use to integrate all of our systems.  We will need to integrate with JDE which uses SQL Server, our corporate B2B & B2C websites, which will be using Drupal and MySQL.  We will need to push and pull data from/to CRM to all the other systems.....  We have used Biztalk 2004 for another application, but never fuly adopted it or used it to its potential. 

    Can BizTalk integrate well with Drupal and MySQL as well as JDE, CRM, etc ??   Are there Biztalk adaptors available to get a head start on connecting all these systems ??

    We are trying to decide if we should go with Biztalk 2010, CRM 2011, knowing that both solutions are brand new..... Is there good support and vendors available to help implement these new technologies ??

    Im just throwing out these questions to see what kind of response I get.....  I am on a fast track to make these decisions and will be looking for a partner/vendor to help with this implementation.

    Tuesday, October 5, 2010 1:17 PM


  • There is a Biztalk to MySQL ODBC adapter which would allow access to your Drupal data put that is not a high level connector. Depending on your needs there "may" be better solutions besides BizTalk.  CRM 2011, the just released beta is new to many partners.  At this point you would need to find partners who were heavily involved in the Metro program( pre beta) to find people with enough real experience to support CRM 2011 well. However if you are willing to wait a few months there will be a larger number of partners who could help support your development efforts.

    I've dealt with data import and bi-directional synchronization between MS CRM and numberous other data sources including calls to screen scrapers to navigate text interfaces to both import and export data, and I have a MS Partner that I work with periodically who has a couple Biztalk guru's. Feel free to contact me if you would like to talk more. My email is on my site. http://www.onecrmpro.com/

    Tuesday, October 5, 2010 2:06 PM