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  • My Machine --> I have a nearly 3yr old Samsung N220 netbook (with no CD/DVD drive) running a genuine Windows-7 Home Premium OS and on that, I have a genuine MS-Office 2007 Ultimate edition.  I also have lots of other software loaded onto the machine.  The shop where I bought the machine, had upgraded it to have 2GB RAM and a 500GB hard-drive.

    My good fortune --> I am originally from the UK, but at the moment, I am enjoying travelling long-term through many parts of the world by bicycle and currently I am in Thailand - a long way from home ... which is a bit of a problem sometimes.  I have been away from home for 16 months now.

    My problem --> I believe the hard-drive on my netbook is starting to die.  CHKDSK reports 1300 bad sectors, and many other diagnostic tools that I have ran against the HDD have also reported problems.  I often get a blue screen of death and other times, the computer will hang.  I need to change the Hard Drive before the current one fails completely as we use our netbook a lot while travelling.

    My Question --> If I buy a new hard-drive for the netbook, will I be able to "restore" the computer by loading my saved System-Image onto it and if this is possible, will I need lots of the original product ID's or activation codes?  I have a full System-Image created quite recently on an external HDD and I also have all of my data backed-up on another external HDD.  When I bought the netbook, I was not given any windows-7 installation CD's.  The CD's for all of my software and my MS-Office suite are in the UK and nobody has access to them as they are in storage   So can I fit a new hard-drive safe in the knowledge that it will be easy to set it up with my recent System Image, or what are my options?

    Thanks for any help you can give me.

    Monday, September 9, 2013 5:07 PM


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  • Please review the following for guidance:  How to restore Windows 7 from a System Image

    Carey Frisch

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    Monday, September 9, 2013 5:44 PM
  • Hi Carey,

    Thanks for the reply and the suggestion.  Over the last number of weeks, I have read so many pages on the internet, all telling me how to restore my system with a System-Image, so I'm all okay with that (and actually have had to do it once after a shop in Bangkok screwed up my computer but luckily I had a System Image so all was okay).  The thing that I'm not sure about, and which the article you linked to does not cover, is "what if you change the hardware - will the System-Image still load??"

    As an extreme scenario, if my current computer landed under a steam-roller and got completely flattened, and I had to buy a new netbook, then I have reason to believe that I would not be able to set it up using my System Image - I think I would need all my original installation disks.  So what if I just change the HDD in my current machine to try to minimise the disruption - again, will the System Image load okay?  This question is not addressed in the HTG article.  It has been suggested to me by other experienced computer people (whose opinion I trust) that sometimes System Images will not load onto hardware that is very different to what it was taken off of - there are afterall lots of threads on forums where people upgraded their HDD only to find it caused problems.  I don't wish to "upgrade" as 500GB on my little netbook is quite enough, but I do wish to replace the HDD.

    I also have another problem - I don't have a system repair disk, and even if I did, I don't have a CD/DVD as it's only a netbook.  Again, I have read so many internet pages about how to set up a USB stick with a copy of a System Repair Disk, but all of those that I have read, all start by saying, "first create the repair disk by putting a CD into your computer" and then they give you the steps to first create a bootable USB and then to copy the necessary files to the USB, or there are bits of software available which will do these steps for you.  But they all start with "first create the CD" and this is something that I cannot do, as I don't have a CD/DVD and don't have access to one. 

    What I have got however, is a copy of the Windows-7 installation disk ISO-file (got from Digital River web-site) and I have put that onto a bootable USB using YUMI (multiboot).  Do you also happen to know, if I boot a new HDD with the Windows-7 Instalation disk and bring the system up, will I then be able to overwrite that installation with my old System Image?  Which brings me back to, will it load onto a new HDD?

    Again - thank for you help ... if you can help.

    Friday, September 13, 2013 12:21 PM
  • You should really be asking these questions in a more appropriate forum - since there is nothing relating to WGA/MGA matters here.


    would be the place to start

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