WLOC Icon no longer displays in Notification Area of System Taskbar RRS feed

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  • WLOC:  2.0.2500.32 .  PC's OS:  Vista Ultimate SP1 32-bit. 

    Been using WLOC for long while & even now, functions OK in all respects, except that I noticed in past few days that the Notification Area of the System Taskbar no longer displays the WLOC icon.  Haven't made any major HW or SW changes.  When I place cursor in System Taskbar & R click, then select Properties, then select Notification Area, then click on Customize, I always select Show (versus Hide or Hide When Inactive) for the WLOC icon to display.  Repeatedly doing this, and rebooting PC (multiple times for both actions) still does not get the display.  I can't find anything within my WLOC program that addresses this.   Formerly, R clicking in top bar of the WLOC program & selecting Close, closed the open window & only the Icon in the Notification Area was displayed.  Now when I do this, it's not displayed in the Notification Area, but the program still appears to be functioning in the background.  If I now click on the Minimize button in the top R of the WLOC program (an alternate I've tried), it simply does just that...mininizes the WLOC program to the System Taskbar, but not displayed at all in the System Taskbar Notification Area.  Yes, I have completely scanned my system many times with both WLOC and with Malwarebytes's Anti-Malware programs.  Everything in my total PC system has the latest Drivers, BIOS, Updates, Patches, etc.

    Ideas, suggestions, magical incantations? Thanks in advance!

    Sunday, June 15, 2008 6:37 PM