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  • HI All,

    I just went through that password B>S> again and I have to say that ONE MORE TIME I am switching to Linux!!!!

    I just spent 3 months getting our pc's back to life, After someone at Msoft who barely spoke english, Told me "that If I bought Win 8, it would take care of the virus I picked up. After, mailing me a paer key code for a guy who made it CLEAR! That he could not get online!

    Was I supposed to tape it to the HD and say a prayer to Msoft? When I finally got back to someone who could and would help, after being transfered, hung up on, etc.

      Well, I got a Supervisor who also had less than native english skills, but a big step up, from the women. He did a download and install, the Key I bought on a paper card for $69.95 during a special, with a student discount. Well the win8 had the virus as soon as I was off the phone, and did not handle it as well as Win 7 Pro, I must admit, the refresh function was a quick way to get the computer back in my control for a 2-6 hour period. I could not get anyone at Msoft to help, Then I called and asked if I could get the "Full Install disk" for the additional  $14.95 that it was originally offered. I was under the impression that I payed for a disk to begin with, Well 3 months later, I have been approved then turned down for the win 8 disk, They  sent me a win 7 home Premium!! After ALL the trouble I went through, with their product to begin with. Oh DID I FORGET TO mention? the virus was delivered under the guise of KB976932,

    Yeah, an automatic Msoft update! I have proof 100%  "KB976932\SAND\logpath:InstallPackage_ETW.log/add-package"  (Notice a language change?)  "/packagepath:D:\ BVTBin\Tests\installpacksage\Package\win7sp\KB976932\windows 6.1-KB976932-X86CAB../SAND/4f2652D0-004b3-92FD-06391E55BAD"-DISMManager::Load Image Session.  That is the how and when I lost ALL the networked Electronics in my home!  I have 3 large full note books full off notes tracing this back to it's source, Even though Msoft told me thaat Win 8 Would take care of the problem, I had 1 (one) guy at Msoft attempt to help me, He was fascinated by this bug which I swear is a little bit A.I. ! It defends itself! it changes the names and locations of any file your using to hurt it, at re-boot, it has a list of programs (your expensive programs) ready for delete! I had engineers tell me I was Crazy or a liar! that nothing get beat a TPM1.2 chip. Well they were right, the hackers did not get through it so they just bypassed it! as they bypassed windows as well! Though it changes names the method is the same 1st step at boot, a Msoft product see's an "Autoexec.bat" so what does it do? Opens it first, even though I'm fairly sure that is not the opening step for NTFS win 7 pro or 8 pro. This file 55bytes has inside in ansi, REM --dummy file for NTVM (I may have those letters incorrect but now I'm running on my memory as I am too damn tired to dig through all the notes! It may have been NTVD or NTVN, But I think I'm right the first time. the end CMD of the 55 bytes is cd <dir> after it takes that step, it no longer runs windows at all, But an ingenious clone using Msoft's files in sys32, it replaces a large group of drivers  or .inf files with totally fake looking white boxes with a glod asterisk in the center as icons, Which are all either B.S. or they disable your printer, if you burn a cd /DVD it goes through the motions then you get a blank disk after waitng for the green line to reach100%.

    A USB stick, it will tell you that, you need 8kb more space cannot continue! Even if you ha GB's empty. You have long since lost connectivity, and you have no way to get help but a phone or another machine. my home theater,(new), My 47" LG TV near new, my ROKU HD box, my desktop and laptop, and my phone charging from a USB port as Motorola (another CORp. that earned a great reputation and must be doing all they can to ruin it. AS youcannot use a generic charger, when the wall plug chargers go bad in approx 1 year. we had two that started to read on phone "unauthorized charger". After we tried downloading all the drivers for our model Motorola, no good! I could charge becuase I bought a 2 gb chip for my phone to fill with mp3's, So the pc seen it as a usb memory device. and it would charge, then I'd swap batteries with the wife's phone as she declined to pay the additional$19.95 for  the extra memory. One more note on Motorola, USCellular offers Free battery replacements, (at their prices they shaould!) two line averaging 120 min.s per month and my 59.95 turns out near $100 per month, I tried a very reasonable company "Pure Talk USA" $10 a month for the 1st 120 mins, then $15 up to 320mins after that you can use ALL YOU WANT for $20 a month. they even offer a free samsung fliphone, Which I had one years back, and found it much more functional than the ridicuolus touch pad Motorola! you have to tkae off the keypad it defaults to, then hit speaker phone then go back to the keypad which by then is in Spanish, pressing 1 turns back English, but some systems have timed you out by theen, and it goes to voicemail in 3 rings, no way to change it! I think they may be in cahhots with Msoft because as soon as the batteries reached around 18 months, we needed new ones, Cool Their free, NOT no longer available!  back to the matter at hand. I have a dozen case numbers, bought two products that I did not need or even get what I was told I ordered! I had a young woman telling me in an angry load voice that II ordered wrong , It wass my fault not their's!

    The engineer who did about 90 mins on a remote desktop plaaying around in my sytem files and registry, theis virus rewrites the registryas well, it has a fake "Safe mode" the real logon window is sitting behind it the whole time it will sawp the yes or no buttons to get you permission for something it is having trouble stealing or ruining, and it boots with no BIOS using mssbios and a bott directory in the middle of C: drive, When I took  a fatal hit to my OEM 320 GB wdc hd, i BOUGHT A WDC750 GB HD, cLEARED THE CMOS,

    made sure all was unplugged and wiresless off, put in the new HD , botted up and there it was , my old pal the unnammed undetectable, (by software) virus,  Yeah! already on my new drive! WELL it partitions of three sections, from desktop to C:\is the first that you can see, (only what they want you to see, in win explrorer, as you go down and pass C:\ to get to programfiles or whatever you are now, for a while unknowingly, on another partition, they are hidden and in unix/linux/Mac, so your clueless when the file you just put in docs is gone as soon as you turn the printer on, only hopng that you now have the correct drivers and it will work, No a page or towo and the virus goes to the HP download site and fills a dir. with about 20 hpzrt86kdk.inf type files. So no print. at first they just put ink = 0 in the Registry, Easy fix if you ahppen to know haow to find your printer in the first place or what ink = 0 actually looks like the reg key is purposely mysterious, so instead saying HP Printer, it has one of those horrible clsids try writng all those down by hand some time!  The engineer that promised to check with his colleagues and reference mats. would call me back and help. I never heard from him, He probably quit waiting to patent the boot system the hakers made it is fast as lightning, and you almost cannot break it, I tried more and more reckless methods,  After a 30 year career in Analog Electronics, digital was coming up, so a bit rubbed off on me. But I am so not qualified to have dealt with this that the security loop had me more upset in 15 minutes than that virus has since Dec. 12  2012. Al I wanted was to logon and get some help with the last of this virus! I have no idea what or where to put back the registry correctly, I lost 80GB's of MP3's that were .99 per songg or $9.99-19.99 per album!! I do not want to add it up the total would possibly have me showing up a t Redmond WA with my ten guage 1917 pistol and take off a head or two, then my own. To think that my favorite Aunt was one of Bill Gates first employees, and I have payed out for every windows since 3.11 for Workgroups! Even though I have a two line script that passes copies as genuine in less than two minutes! I never used it except to see it work, then I went from a genuine Ultimate 7 back to th e7 Pro I payed for. Now that Is A customer doing right by a company!

    Well Sir's and Madame's who work there, for a living, instead of us who donate time trying to help, because we know what it's like to have no clue why your computer is or isn't doing what it always has untill now.  then get caught in a password loop tahtis simply not to be believed. I tried to remove an old phone #, after I enterdd a texted code and an email response, and trying 20 times to get past the lmeast excuse for a captcha I have EVER dealt with! 5's and S's v& V and others are not  diffferent enough for actual humans!At times you get an EASY one, you know its correct! but it say's try again, It 's ludicrous! thrn give another number and another email change pasword again!!!!!! we are closing ALL your accounts ! jut because you were stupid enough to try to keep up to date! SHIT! another code text from Msoft!!!!! I could kill! i had my primary email since hotmail came on line if you guy's turn it off I will devote my life to doing legal harm to your company! It ahs sentimental value due to my Aunt whom I mentioned! And I want a full refund for this win 7 homeprem bacup that was supposed to be a full install win 8 pro since your nonenglish speaking employee lied to me and sent the wrong product! I bet I could copt the URL right now and it would still show my order approved for a full instal win 8 pro for only the additional 14.95 I was quoted. I did write down the case # and oreder# no avail.The RUDE young women who tried to blame ALL this on me, (hse is only right that I'm stupid enough to have a little faith and made the mistake of actually believing a employee who was sure this virus could not affect win8 if it was for 7 or vista, I still need help, if I reboot this PC the virus will regain control, it has me locked out of the regiistry and the c:\ drive as I write this!  SOmeone who is an official up there Yes I am 300 miles south of you right near the Oregon s. border. Does NOT call me on my phone! NO EMAILS I CANT GET 530-261-0295 or 0296 I am submitting all my notes logs and dates and publishing them in a world wide and major national newsnetwork  like the SF examiner and NY times. USA Today etc.  

    PLEASE do not ignore me I am VERY upset, am on disability due to an injured back on the job. I cannot afford the $100 bucks you got for nothing ! How does WIN 8 Pro FULLINSTALL turn into a 7 home prem. BU disk? WHy do I have 500 + minutes on hold and being disconnected,  I have a half a mind too send you guy's a 2.8 mb attachment, that will probably put you out of business! After all we know you are unable to detect or destroy this little virus I have spent ten or more hours per day for 3 months, due to your lack off interest in support, How many times do you have to read yet another email too run the malicious tool or try win defender, which by they way does detct this virus but then it is ordered to report 0 found when it had the number 27 in it's log at one point, these guy's are running uour newest product like an adult would do a 5 year olds jigsaw puzzle. Are your engineers the bottom of their classes?

    These guy's have made a mockery of your entire system! I'd be concerned if my company depended on it, as it might, if this goes out big time by it's maker's YOU GUY"S ARE going to lose BILLIONS. It is no average virus. AND please look into the sytem that is going to cut off all my acounts for trying (this time to delete an old unused email, phone last time remember?) I have to go bb4 this sytem crashes and I have no way to deal with your awefull loop that just wants anorhter response from the item you just told it was obsolete!!! Yes, It want's me to answer an email that I long ago forgot the password and do not need. Afetr two emails and two phone codes! Your s FAithfull customer Ray P.

    Thursday, March 21, 2013 1:55 AM