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  • IS there an component in S&T for contact management?  

    Secondly do you know of an existing contact management software that talks with S&T?

    Monday, July 16, 2012 10:10 PM

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  • Old question...found it looking for something else. Microsoft Outlook can export contacts into Streets directly. Excel files and other database files (Access, .csv, etc. ) can also import. It is important to have straight addresses. No intersections, for example (8th and Walnut). No P.O. Box (you can filter this on import if the P.O. Box is a separate DB field).

    Not sure what else you'd want a mapping program to do regarding contact management. I have used it for contact routing for years. You import contact data, save as a pushpin dataset that is attached to a map file (they do not appear on all your maps--only the built-in POI database does). You can plan a trip and optimize stops (automatic) by including selected contacts as stops. I have used Outlook for contact management since 1997. I use the "journal" feature to track contact communication via meetings, phone calls. Email communication is automatically tracked. You can also use Journal for other Office activities, but I don't use them very much. Journal is "depreciated" by Microsoft now, but is still included in Outlook 2013 and still works fine.
    If you are looking at marketing stuff, you might want MapPoint, which is better at graphing demographic stuff. Streets is just location and directions.
    Outlook also can include something called "Business Contact Manager", which can also export contact data to Streets (it can share contacts with Outlook). In this, you can create a lot of CRM-type activities. This is available in certain versions of Office/Outlook as a "free" add-on. I do not use it as my thousands of "journal" entries cannot be imported into Business Contact Manager history records.

    Wednesday, August 21, 2013 10:49 AM