Setup: Multiple subnets, how do I get my PC to connect to my Home Server from another Subnet?

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  • Problems connecting to the Windows Home Server from a computer on a different subnet.

    The problem

    Windows Home Server’s built in firewall is configured by default to only allow connections from computers on the same subnet as itself.   

    If you have client computers outside the local subnet then you may need to make some changes to the server firewall configuration.

    Home users will generally not experience this problem because most home networks go through the same router and all use the same subnet.

    In cases where you have trouble connecting to your server or have issues installing or running the WHS connector software, please follow the instructions below to change the scope for the following services:

    ·          Remote Desktop Connection

    ·          Windows Home Server Backup Service

    ·          Windows Home Server Transport Service


    Change the scope for the three services above to allow for Any Computer including those on the internet or a Custom List

    Perform these instructions once for each service listed above:

    1.        Log on to your server as an administrator from the server’s console

    2.        Open  Control Panel and click on Windows Firewall

    3.        Click on the Exception tab

    4.        Scroll down the list until you see Remote Desktop Connection, or Windows Home Server Backup Service, or Windows Home Server Transport Service

    5.        Click on the item and then click the edit button

    6.        On the Edit a Service page you should see TCP port (xxxx)

    7.        Click on the change scope button

    8.        Change the scope to be either Any Computer, or  Custom List

    a.        If you select Custom list, enter the subnet number that your clients are located on

    b.        Opening the ports services to any computer opens you server  firewall to the internet

    c.        Opening  the ports for use by a custom list is more secure than Any Computer, but less secure than the default

    9.        Click Ok  to close the window and save changes

    10.     Try connecting again from a client on another network

    Repeat these steps above for all 3 services.

    Thursday, March 22, 2007 5:14 PM

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  • This problem was occurring on the same subnet as well.  From 3 different machines talq sent.  Thanks,  Brian

    Saturday, March 24, 2007 6:30 PM