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  • I started the long cd/process of backing up files, it said I would need 22 cd's to back up.  I got to cd#19 and then I inserted a different manufactured cd, then it cancelled the backup process at this point, and also said I can continue at this point when I start the backup again.  I got rid of the other brand of cd's and continued with the original brand of cds.

        So, I clicked 'OK' and proceeded to continue, my choices were:  EXPRESS Backup, and/or  START FULL BACKUP.  Because I had not completed the cycle of the original starting of the backup before starting over, I assumed that choosing START FULL BACKUP would be the correct choice, thus, I did NOT choose EXPRESS backup.  As I started over, I literally 'started over' from the beginning at CD # 1.  I was floored!  I was almost done, and now it is requiring me to start another fresh 22 cd's, I cannot believe I would have to go through this waste of cd's again.  So I cancelled this second attempt at CD 1.  I've tried to start over again, but LIVE ONE would not give me the choice again to choose 'express backup' anymore.  Starting over is burning another 20+ cds.

    My question is: Can I pick up where I left off on the backup, where it cancelled me, (at disc #19)?  (How can I do this without falling asleep, it's been way over 2 hours to do this, more like 3 to 4 hours).
      Please advise.... Thank you.
    Thursday, October 15, 2009 12:08 PM