Messed up OneCare System by converting to Dynamic Disks: Solutions? RRS feed

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  • Ok, i got myself into some trouble. I've been a happy OneCare 2.0 user for a month or so now. Earlier today I decided I would like to try dynamic disks as I needed to solve a free space issue on one of my data partitions. Unfortunately, I discovered OneCare's weird issues with dynamic disks. I am not in a place right now where I am going to be able to do a reformat to convert back to basic disk for a while, but I must have a firewall and I would rather not have to uninstall OneCare, as I need it's anti-virus and backup capabilities. But, is there any way to get the Windows Firewall to work? Is it advisable to try installing a different firewall? I have the OneCare Firewall disabled indefinitately. Are there any suggestions as to how I can get the Windows Firewall to work on OneCare? I have a feeling not, but I guess I am going to try installing a different firewall and see what happens (PC Tools free Firewall Plus).

    Monday, April 7, 2008 3:36 AM


  • My recommendation is to remove OneCare until your can put your disks back to Basic from Dynamic.

    However, if you are willing to look at a red icon for OneCare, you can try the following to release the Group Policy restriction that OneCare put on the Windows Firewall:


    Start/Run - type "regedit" without the quotes, click OK

    Delete these Registry keys if they exist:



    \DomainProfile \EnableFirewall=0 (DWORD data type)



    \StandardProfile \EnableFirewall=0 (DWORD data type)

    WARNING - editing the registry could cause your PC to be unusable.


    Monday, April 7, 2008 4:14 PM