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  • This project in its present form is the result of experimentation on the interfacing of an electronic device which communicates with a computer through the serial port.

    Previously success has been obtained in applying the idea of ranging mechanically without any computer. For calculating the height of any object the angles are measured by the serial device itself which remain attached to the computer’s serial port.

    This serial device can calculate the angles subtended by the object’s length quite accurately. To calculate the angle the computer calculates the rotation of a shaft driven by a gear train.

     By using the gear train we have been able to magnify an angular rotation significantly. Using these angles we can then calculate the height of the object.

    This device with a computer can be used to measure the height and can also be used for measuring the under water heights. One of the major advantages of this device is that it can be used at night as well.


    1.2 Various methods for Laser Ranging

              There are various methods for ranging which involve use of Lasers.

              The most common is the measurement of the roundtrip travel time and then using this time to calculate the distance as the speed of light is a universal constant.

              One other method is using image processing techniques to measure the distances traveled by the LASER. Both these methods have their advantages and disadvantages and are generally for long distances. Ours is a very simple approach to measure heights and distances using very simple mathematical relations and LASER targeting.


    1.3 Our Approach

              Our approach is neither of the two presented above. Our major aim was height instead of the distance so we thought of an elegant and simple solution. We decided to limit ourselves to short range of a few hundred meters.



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