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  • Hi, this has been bugging me for 2 days now: 

    according to Microsoft, exporting a map from MapPoint to a .gpx file should save Routes(An ordered list of points, including directions to reach each destination)

    However, either when exporting through the main application or by calling ExportGPX(), the output file does not contain any information except the Waypoints. I assumed this was a trial limitation, so we have purchased and activated the product, but the problem persists. 

    We have tried adding the xxx(lat and long)information manually to the .gpx file, obtained through ActiveRoute.Directions.get_Item(i).Location.Latitude. When importing the file, the only addition are lines connecting the track segments directly(disregarding roads). 

    Any ideas or suggestion would be more than welcome.

    Thank you.

    Thursday, September 29, 2011 5:08 PM

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  • First, just to confirm what you have already discovered:  there is no difference in functional capabilities between the trial and the purchased-and-activated versions.  The only difference is how long you can use them; 60 days for trial, unlimited in purchased.

    I do not follow what you are doing in the balance of your post, such as "calling ExportGPX()".  When MapPoint exports to a GPX file, it is exporting the lat/long data for the Stops (waypoints).  When you import a GPX file, it only loads the Stops and Pushpins.  It is a simple matter to then compute a route from those stops in the usual manner.

    Why and how did you "add the xxx(lat and long) information to the .gpx file" when it is already there?  

    A good way to check the contents of a GPX file is to open in it Excel if you do not have more specialized applications for that purpose. 

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