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  • I have a WHS server configured to back up two laptops and a PC.  One of the laptops backs up fine, but the other laptop and the PC never have (after two months of trying).  I want to focus on the laptop for now (windows 7).  I think I understand why it doesn't -- I set the backup to run overnight, and in the morning when I unplug it it tells me "backup failed, laptop restarted."  I've read elsewhere in this forum that is code for "you unplugged your computer."  But I have never had a chance to leave my computer plugged in and backing up long enough (apparently) to have a complete backup (500 GB drive, pretty much full) finish.  So here are my questions:


    1) Is there some way to allow the backup to continue while unplugged.  Some times I just need to move the computer for a few minutes.

    2) Alternatively, is there some way to "pause" the backup?

    3) If a backup "fails" for this reason, when I start it again the next night does it just start from scratch?  This would seem stupid -- why wouldn't it just pick up from where it left off, or quickly check that nothing had changed in what it had done and continue from there?

    In short, am I ever going to be able to backup a machine that I need to take offline daily (when I will never have it plugged in and available for backup for longer than 12 hours)?


    Thanks for your help

    Sunday, November 28, 2010 2:13 PM

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    1. A computer that's on battery when it wakes for backup, or when the client connector initiates a backup for a computer already awake, will not begin a backup. There's no way to change this behavior; it's done this way to prevent a backup from completely draining the battery on a laptop and maintaining it that way for an extended period of time (say an unattended laptop that's not plugged in, just sitting around for a few weeks, trying to wake every night on a flat battery), which could ruin the battery.
    2. There is no way to "pause" a backup.
    3. If a backup fails for any reason, it starts (more or less) from scratch the next night.

    What I would do: plug the laptop in, hardwire it to your home network, and run a manual backup. If that completes, future backups will take much less time, usually only a few minutes.


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    Sunday, November 28, 2010 3:05 PM