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  • My question is; Is the file "homestudentrww.msi" safe?

    I am guessing I must have recently updated my Microsoft Office 2007 (or some parts of it) while using Windows Update. I do not use Microsoft Office very often, but there is a program "e-sword" that I believe uses some aspects of Microsoft Office. When I use e-sword, I receive an update/install popup for MO-2007.  The final aspect of the update prompts me with a request to download homestudentrww.msi.

    Up to this point I have been clicking on cancel when prompted to install and update, because e-sword works just fine when I do this.  I am getting tired though of having to do this everytime I use e-sword, so I decided to go through with the install. This was when I was asked for permission to install the aforementioned homestudentrww.msi file.



    Friday, May 22, 2015 4:36 AM


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