WCF in VS 2015 stuck infinite loop

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  • I'm aware of the LACK of VS's ability to properly debug/diagnose solutions that have WCF web services contained within them ... but over the years I've come to know that when WCF that returns "Unknown" usually means that my .svc return class has some reference to a "method" somewhere (in other words not an object that can be converted into just data).

    Of course VS being completely unaware of what it's doing when it comes to web services (even those contained in the solution) does provide ANY useful hints at all ... in this particular debug session the web service would run and complete then just keeping calling itself ... stuck in a web service loop on the Server side ... breakpoints on the client side and nothing triggered so it was all happening server side.

    I think what bothers me the most is that after all these years, there is NOTHING in VS to help me or any developer resolve these issues ... we have to rely on external tools which in themselves can require "maintenance" in order to work and they don't always expose the problem(s).

    So one would think Microsoft would address this weakness in their development platform ... a decade has gone by, same old problem still exists.

    What's Microsoft's problem?  Does fixing and enhancing their existing products just "not sell" ... is this really all about selling technology-of-the-day to benefit Microsoft's vision and we're just puppets to that vision?  If we don't like it, too bad?  Is Microsoft aware of "normal" development cycles and the real world of software deployment/usage?  Our customers don't want "new tech of the day" they want gradual but reliable and sensible change over time. 

    Microsoft seem to always be in a Rush to get something/anything out the door ... most of which is ignored and not picked up by the development community that can't afford the luxury to "experiment" and need to solve real world problems for real world clients that pay the bills.

    So why isn't Microsoft making their VS product better, rather than just adding more complexity and support for "new tech-of-day"?  Some real issues:

    1.  Each iteration of VS gets slower and slower, the "designer" is just horrible on the performance front
    2.  Bugs that have existed 10 years ago in VS are still present today in VS
    3.  Debugging actually less capable today than it was 20 years ago, we're going backwards in our ability quickly identify and resolve 
    4.  Stability is horrible (frequently requires exiting VS)
    5.  Bad reliance on things like NUGET that caused all kinds of versioning issues
    6.  VS diagnostics ... just not helpful and not accurate because once an app, service, etc. is deployed the performance diagnostics data is hopelessly inaccurate because the code operates 7X faster in a deployed environment
    7.  Cryptic error messages that provide NO, ZERO help to a developer (way too much Google searching to attempt to figure it out)
    8.  VS is so fragile, a bad Cache file or imported/migrated project or use of TFS and VS collapses in on itself

    9.  Working with SSL web services/projects is a nightmare, this should be click one button and be done with it rather than a myriad of file edits in web.config and copying of ServiceReferences.ClientConfig files.

    Before anyone suggest's MS feedback, already have many times and the end results is I get to fill out a survey about Microsoft "AI" and if I plan to use it soon ... not that it matters, but that's Microsoft's new "tech-of-day" regardless of what any developer thinks, that's the direction MS are going, too bad paying developers.

    Is this really the best Microsoft can do after all these years/decades?

    Tuesday, July 31, 2018 6:56 PM