Unnecessary overwrites RRS feed

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  • [SyncToy 2.1; Windows 7-64bit]  I'm trying to keep copies of a set of files in three places.  Starting with folder "A" on my laptop I pair it with a folder "B" on my NAS (Synology DS211 operating as RAID 1).  Next I pair folder "A" with a folder "C" on a USB stick.  The NAS is running Linux, both the laptop and the USB are formatted NTSF.  The folder pairs are set up to synchronize with all default options.  The initial synchronizations go perfectly with all three folders ending with identical copies of all files.  Repeated synchronizations show no differences.  I then make a change to a file in folder "A".  When I sync the "AB" pair, SyncToy detects the changed file and copies it from "A" to "B".  However, when I then sync the "AC" pair SyncToy detects the changed file and wants to copy it to folder "C", but it also wants to copy all the other files from "C" to "A".  If I let SyncToy complete the synchronization and re-run the AB pair it wants to overwrite all the unchanged files from "A" to "B". 

    I can't find any time-stamp variation which would explain the behavior.  I could understand that some unperceived difference in the time stamps (there's none visable in the properties dialog) could cause problems like this, but it doesn't explain why the strange overwrite behavior shows up only after the alteration of a single file. 

    Tuesday, July 19, 2011 9:35 PM