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    i'm just needing imput is all.

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    first off, i hate computers!  my life hasn't gotten any better from use of one! i waste too much time with security issues, virus updates, trouble shooting,trouble shooting, trouble shooting, more security issues, and filling out all the "register now" and/or "become a member to receive updates-discounts" from all the sites i visit on the web.  all i want to do is make a web site, sell my wears online, chat a bit, web cam some, store pictures to online secure storage.  I noticed LIVE onecare offers online picture storage.  about 10GB's? I'll need much more than that but it's a start. anyone have anything to say about it?  how is it? what's cost? any quirks with it?  and what about security of my pictures? I'd like to be a well educated consumer before trusting and throwing my money away on something that I will be cursing at later, wishing i'd just of done a regular old fashioned back-up on CD or DVD.



    ps. my new years resolution!  i've hired a computer person to over see my computers.  but i'm trying to have things tidy'd up some before he comes on-board next week so he won't get over-whelmed n quit first day!  i gotta run.  hope my spelling and typings not too bad?  happy new year!


    thank you ahead of time for your time in replying back to me on this.

    Thursday, January 17, 2008 12:08 PM


  • You know, sometimes I hate computers, too. :-)


    The online storage for pictures is $50 per year US, I believe. It works quite well, in that it scans your PC regularly for new and changed picture files and they are then uploaded to a secure storage area. You can't view these pictures on the server and neither can anyone else. However, they can be recovered from within OneCare on any PC that your subscription is associated with.

    Personally, using a local backup to an external disk is probably the cheapest alternative. And also copy your pictures to DVD on a regular basis and store them at an off-site location (your office, a friend or relative's home, etc.) to be extra sure you have a copy in the event of a disaster.

    The real reason for the online storage is that it is absolutely safe in that Microsoft is backing up your data, too, since you are paying for the service.



    Thursday, January 17, 2008 1:48 PM