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  • hello,

    I am reading about group policy for server 2008 and vista ,the book of Derek Melber.

    so wat he says about understanding about WMI query language I have to read in msdn2.microsoft.com about it.

    so I did it, wat I  understand is   I have first to  download script about  any object before I use the command  Select  for example :*from win32-logicaldisk where freespace >1000000000 and caption= "C:" in the new WMI  filter.

    in the book the excersise says right-click WMI filter node and then click the new WMI dialog box and in the WMI query dialog box ensure that the namespace is root\CIMv2 and then in WMI query in the Query box enter the query for example Select * from win32_logicaldisk where freespace > 100000000 and caption="C:" and after save it.if you want to know hard disk space available and then in an GPO to which you want to link the WMI filter link it. so I did it as the excercise tells me but nothing happens.no results about hard disk space in WMI filtering. so I think I have first to download script about hard disk space before I can run the select command.am I right or wrong?

    wat I understand first I have to download scripts about any object before I run the select command for any object,am I right or wrong?

    can somebody give some advice !



    Friday, June 24, 2011 4:59 PM