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  • I need to write some UWP functionality that can authenticate a user from a TPM virtual smart card. Ideally I would like to utilize a popup like the one that occurs in the browser that asks you to select a certificate and then prompts you for a pin if it is tied to a smart card like the one below.

    I have the following code from the post found here: User login with Smart Card for Windows UWP appbut I am experiencing the same issue when trying to sign "Provider could not perform the action since the context was acquired as silent."

    ReadOnlyList<Certificate> Certs;
            CertificateQuery CertQuery = new CertificateQuery();
            CertQuery.HardwareOnly = true;
            Certs = await CertificateStores.FindAllAsync(CertQuery);
            string strEncrypt = "test";
            IBuffer BufferToEncrypt = CryptographicBuffer.ConvertStringToBinary(strEncrypt, BinaryStringEncoding.Utf8);
            foreach (Certificate Cert in Certs)
                Debug.WriteLine($"Cert: {Cert.Subject}");
                Debug.WriteLine($"Storagename: {Cert.KeyStorageProviderName}");
                if (Cert.HasPrivateKey && ((Cert.KeyStorageProviderName == "Microsoft Base Smart Card Crypto Provider") || Cert.KeyStorageProviderName == "Microsoft Smart Card Key Storage Provider"))
                    CryptographicKey Key = null;
                        Key = await PersistedKeyProvider.OpenKeyPairFromCertificateAsync(Cert, HashAlgorithmNames.Sha1, CryptographicPadding.RsaPkcs1V15);
                        Debug.WriteLine("Got keypair");
                    catch (Exception ex)
                        // Could not open Smart Card Key Pair
                        Debug.WriteLine("Could not open Smart Card Key Pair");
                    if (Key != null)
                            // Try to Sign with Cert Private key 
                            IBuffer EncryptedBuffer = CryptographicEngine.Sign(Key, BufferToEncrypt);                            
                            Debug.WriteLine("Signing successful");
                        catch (Exception ex)
                            // Could not sign   
                            Debug.WriteLine("Could not sign");
                            Debug.WriteLine($"Error: {ex.Message}");

    Is there a way to produce the same popup? Do I have to build it myself? If not, If I choose a certificate programatically, how can I prompt for a pin and verify it?

    I'm looking for the functionality shown above that is also similar to the KeyChain.ChoosePrivateKeyAlias and IKeyChainAliasCallback that exists in Android that allows a user to pick a certificate if anybody is familiar with that as well.

    Edit 1

    Changing the line:

    IBuffer EncryptedBuffer = await CryptographicEngine.Sign(Key, BufferToEncrypt);


    IBuffer EncryptedBuffer = await CryptographicEngine.SignAsync(Key, BufferToEncrypt);

    does prompt me for a pin but I still need to figure out the popup for the certificate selection vs. selecting it programmatically.

    Edit 2 You can show the "Select a Certificate" window by using

            CredentialPickerOptions options = new CredentialPickerOptions();
            options.AuthenticationProtocol = AuthenticationProtocol.Ntlm;
            options.Message = "Please select your certificate";
            options.Caption = "Select a Certificate";
            options.TargetName = ".";
            options.CredentialSaveOption = CredentialSaveOption.Hidden;
            CredentialPickerResults credentialsPicked = await 

    However, the CredentialPickerResults has a Credential field which is of type IBuffer. I am unclear what I am supposed to do with this to either obtain the certificate directly or use it to do a lookup in the certificate store to get the certificate that was selected.

    Thursday, April 4, 2019 5:27 PM

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