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  • I consider myself a pretty savvy internet user, but Microsoft really do utterly confuse me when it comes to online support. The number of forums, newsgroups, separate websites, blogs, etc hosting all this information over the years has gotten insane.
    I'm never quite sure when I ask a question that I'll even be able to find the right forum/group again. I use MSDN, Technet, the "social" site, etc. Then there's Answers, the former viawindowslive, channel9 and it goes on and on!!
    Can't all discussion/support related things be hosted under a single domain name and consolidate it into one big system based around your windows live account that knows whether you're Joe Bloggs or an MSDN subscriber that gets priority treatment, etc, etc?

    The forums on this site have obviously missing topics. Where're the forums for all the various Windows Live offerings? Just seems that general support questions for Messenger are ending up in the MSDN Live client development forum as there's nowhere else to put them. Tech support gets mixed in with discussion, so potentially sensible discussions on, say, the features of Messenger get mixed in with "why am I having connection problems?".

    Comments on the various MS blogs (particularly Live related ones) are spammed to point that you had to turn them off. Leave them off and add a link to a forum post where the topic can be discussed.

    Anyway, I think you get the idea, so please, please get the broom out and give the whole lot a real good clean up.

    Oh and one more suggestion: Stop being so polite to people who are blatantly posted in completely the wrong forum and either just move it or delete it. They'll never learn otherwise.

    And finally (then I'm going to stop being a grumpy git and go to bed) the microsoft.co.uk site doesn't even list the forums in the Support menu off the homepage. It still lists newsgroups!
    Tuesday, January 12, 2010 11:51 PM

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