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  • Welcome to the Windows Operating System Internals Curriculum Resource Kit (CRK) forum. The CRK is a collection of instructional material that follows the ACM/IEEE-CS Operating System Body of Knowledge (BOK) to illustrate OS concepts using Microsoft Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 as case studies. The CRK is freely available to students and faculty with an interest in Windows OS internals, but the primary audience of the CRK and this forum is core OS teachers and researchers at universities worldwide. This forum is dedicated to questions and discussions of the CRK content and pedagogical issues related to using Windows internals based materials in the classroom. With that in mind, we encourage those involved in core OS teaching and research to provide feedback and suggestions in this forum; your experiences with the CRK are invaluable in our efforts to improve the Windows internals based materials we can provide.

    For more information about the CRK, please see the CRK homepage.

    For general operating system or development questions unrelated to the CRK, please use your favorite general OS or development forums or newsgroups.

    Finally -- as moderators we try to keep spam and inflammatory comments out of the forums.  However if you do catch something that we missed, don't hesitate to use the “Report Abuse” button so that we can keep the forums on-topic and a friendly place to go for CRK pedagogy!

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