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  • with mobile technology and processing power expanding so quickly i'd like to see drivers for external touchscreens available or built into windows mobile, this would expand its ability as not only a business presentation device but as a mobile entertainment device

    i'm part of a discussion group for in car pc's and there is alot of buzz about this. im working on a project to connect my samsung omnia to a touchscreen in my truck for handsfree calling, GPS, real time engine monitoring and performance stats via Unichip flux power display software, music, movies and more

    the only other suggestions i have i'm sure have been expressed by others, OS needs to be lighter, snappier and more fluid, hopefully much of this is being addressed in 6.5-7 but if people need additional apps they can download them...having access to a lot of apps is great but most of them i don't use or need and just slow down my phone and i don't know of anyway to delete them without crashing my phone and having to do a hard reset......very annoying (a phone should act like a phone and be easy to use, not require alot of maintainance.

    also as far as task manager it would be nice to be able to pick and choose which programs run at startup and run in the background and which ones actually close when you close them.... EX. i want my media player to run in the background when playing files but i don't need my browser to run in the background when i close it...everyones different and this would satisfy all needs
    Monday, March 23, 2009 11:20 PM