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  • I was actually hoping to find and send a message directly to whoever made SyncToy (the actual programmer(s)) but I guess instead I'll post here:


    This message was prepared ahead of time.  Any formatting or spelling mistakes are likely do to this fact (I have Spell checking disabled in my Note Taking program [Tomboy Notes]):

    I've used SyncToy for quite a while now and have found much use of it so, I was hoping you may be willing to make another free program.  Before I tell you the idea I'd like to tell you why I chose you.  The reasoning is really quite simple, I know you know about programming for MS Windows Computers (particularly the less known innards of MS Windows), I know full well how useful SyncToy has been to me, and I know you've created free software in the past.

    The idea is relatively simple:  What I'm looking for is a form of Soft Links within MS OSes.  In case you are unfamiliar soft links are a Linux convention that work kind of like .lnk files but, are far more powerful.  For instance:  I use uTorrent in both Windows and Ubuntu (via WINE) and naturally enough I like to have my settings synced between the two OSes.  So, what I did was replace the profile folder in the Ubuntu copy of uTorrent with a Soft Link to the profile Folder in Windows.  As far as WINE or uTorrent in Ubuntu are concerned the Soft Link is an actual folder.  Any program that follows the Soft Link to the actual folder get whatever access rights the actual folder has so in this case if uTorrent in either Windows or Ubuntu attempted to change, add, or delete a file it would work.  However, if the Soft Link itself was deleted then only the linking file would be deleted, the original folder would be unaffected.  I know Windows actually has a form of this itself but, it's so much of a pain to even understand that no one (other than a few programs within Win OSes themselved) really use it.  Note also, the way Soft Links work is different from Hard Links in that Hard Links refer to an exact physical address (and are thus broken if that address changes like from a defrag) and Soft Links use relative locations (File Paths, broken if the file path changes).

    If you could employ even that level of functionality within windows then I'm sure it would be quickly adapted by many but, I'd like to actually go a step farther yet.  I'd like to see a way to not only manage a Soft Link system but, be able to define multiple Soft Links for a single source.  What I'm thinking is this:  I have some games that save all there data to the program directory and thus are really only good for one user.  If I could define Soft Links on a per user basis then I could set these games up to save there data in separate folders for the different users of them and if I could also define them separately within a single login I could also create a sort of Guest Save (So if a friend comes over and plays a game then later buys that game I could easily give them a copy of their save file).

    Another potential use of this would be to create a sort of library system on an XP install.  I still have some pretty old computers I moderate (1 at home and a few for friends) and they wouldn't stand a chance with Win 7 but, if I could use Soft Links with those computers then I'd be able to create a library like system for them.  In fact, I've actually done something like that on one of my Ubuntu installs.  It doesn't look as nice as Win 7 Libraries since you cant' see the contents of the folders but, having them all in one place is definately a life/time saver.  (I keep most Video on my external hard drive but, will sometimes watch from a downloads directory or work with a project file and because of Libraries I don't have to search all over my computer to do this.  I could create regular links to these files but, then if I try to work through a program I generally can't just select the links, I have to actually find the folders.

    Unfortunately I really can't afford to contribute to this idea financially but, I'm hoping you or maybe a friend/colleague of yours will see the potential of this idea and create it.  It could be just as, if not more useful than your SyncToy program and Thong Nguyen's Power Menu (a recent discovery that adds a ton of functionality to explorer (Transparency, quick access to priority controls, Always on Top mode, and even a minimize to tray functionality)).


    Friday, November 5, 2010 5:46 PM

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  • Are there any developers out there...  I see I've had a few views but, no one has bothered to reply (and this is probably at the bottom of the pile now).
    Wednesday, November 17, 2010 7:27 PM