CRM workflows - trying to use workflows to send an email to a group anytime a new email is added to CRM RRS feed

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  • I'm new to Workflows and I'm trying to set them up to notify users of new information that is added to CRM.     I've added a workflow for appointments and faxes that any time a new appt or fax is added to CRM, an email will be sent to notify a group of that information.   I'm trying to do the same thing with emails and I get into a infinite loop and receive multiple emails before the workflow fails.    Is this a workflow that is possible?    Is this the best way to communicate new activities that are added to CRM?


    Thursday, May 7, 2009 4:09 PM


  • Obviously creating an email to notify users that an email was created yet again creates yet another email creation event and thus fires off the workflow again. A couple of ideas.

    First, you might try putting a flag field to indicate whether a notification has been created or not. Then the workflow should check for that flag. If the email event were created by the workflow, the flag would be set and subsequent activations would not occur because the flag check would prevent it.

    Second, you might try notifying a queue instead of sending an email.Somehow sending an email to say that an email has been sent is a little redundant.
    Larry Lentz [Microsoft Dynamics CRM MVP]
    Thursday, May 7, 2009 4:15 PM