Excel Export for re-import update question - Can you update a Regarding column? RRS feed

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  •  I want to try exporting a subset of Activities (custom activity PowerMailChimp) along with their Regarding Contact Email and FTP URL (using FTP URL for flagging records that had a Hard Bounce). In Mail Chimp I can export email addresses and a bounce field that indicates either "Hard" or "Soft" bounces. In CRM the PowerMailChimp Activity record only indicates a bounce. I"m exporting all the bounce activity GUIDs along with the Regarding Contact email1 and FTP url so I can then update FTP URL with values "Hard" or "Soft" (used vlookup to compare the CRM advanced find export with the Mail Chimp export and update the FTP URL field).

    On import it isn't apparent if or how I can re-import those activities and update the Regarding(Contact) ftp url field that I've populated with my "Hard" or "Soft" value to indicate the type of bounce that contact's email encountered during the email blast in MailChimp.

    Sorry explanation is long winded - hopefully someone can tell me if you can even do such an update (contact fields from an advanced find based on Activities)

    Doug Steinschneider DCS Group

    Thursday, January 16, 2014 11:58 PM