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    Hi all

    I have a Fujitsu Seimens Amilo LI 1705 with vista home basic pre installed.

    I have tried to get drivers for XP for days with no success


    My progress so far:

    Managed to get past SATA problem by pressing F5 when asked to load Third party SATA and RAID drivers and then selecting  C-Step with I386.


    After win xp boots Nothing works, no sound,video,lan,WLAN,modem,USB

    Its a dead duck!!!!!!


    Anyway Managed to find display drivers floating around on www.viaarena.com 


    as for sound,USB,Modem,LAN,WLAN no luck, keep getting "cant find HD device" error have tried all the versions and none work


    Is there any generic or compatible driver for this Mainboard (Via VN896 with VT8237A)?


    Is there a way to get Win XP to run from inside VIsta ? e.g: Virtual machine or special script

    or better yet any proper working drivers for WIN XP?


    Done a bit of reaserch and turns out that the mainboard manufacturer (VIA technologies) only supports Vista.

    Thank God I did'nt buy this laptop with my own money, as got as a freebie with a cellphone contract


    Do I have to sell this laptop or is there any workaround to any of the above problems?



    Any, and I mean Any help is appreciated

    Wednesday, March 12, 2008 5:54 PM


  • Notebook computers require specialized hardware drivers that are developed by the notebook manufacturer and no one else.  If your notebook manufacturer does not offer Windows XP drivers for your notebook's internal hardware, there is no point in attempting to install an older operating system such as Windows XP.


    In your case, you may wish to install Windows XP in a Virtual PC using Microsoft's free Virtual PC 2007:



    Try the following Windows Vista performance tips:


    Open Power Options (its in the Control Panel) and then
    place a dot next to High Performance.



    Open Device Manager (its in the Control Panel) and then
    right-click on your hard drive (under Disk Drives).  Click
    on "Policies" and make sure there are check marks next to
    "Optimize for Performance", "Enable write caching on
    the disk", and "Enable advanced performance", then click OK.


    Next, perform a Disk Cleanup:

    Click on the blue Vista start button and then on the Computer
    entry in the Start Menu.  Right-click on your hard drive and
    select Properties > Disk Cleanup > Files from all users.....
    More Options > Clean Up (System Restore and Shadow Copies).


    Consider installing addition RAM up to 2GB.  Having  a total of
    2GB RAM installed will significantly improve overall performance.
    Visit: http://www.crucial.com/ and run the Crucial System Scanner Tool.


    Wednesday, March 12, 2008 6:13 PM