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  • Dear all,

    I have a scenario where my accounts should be able to create a case and monitor their cases externally through a web portal.

    My accounts are not users of active directory nor system users of my CRM environment.

    I have already configured Claims Based Authentication & IFD.

    I am stuck in the scenario where my accounts should have access to their cases.

    Any help/guide would be greatly appreciated.

    Many Thanks & Regards


    Tuesday, June 2, 2015 6:55 AM

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  • You'll need a portal for this. The two main options are:

    1. Use an add-on to help build this - e.g. ADXStudio
    2. Build from scratch using whatever technology you want that can communicate with the Crm web services

    You'll also need to decide how to authenticate your accounts, and restrict their access to only their data. The add-ons should be able help with this

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    Tuesday, June 2, 2015 8:01 AM
  • 1. You must need only one system user of CRM through which you can access CRM data using WebService

    2. For Other Portal User login or authentication you can add User Name and Password field on Account

    From Portal login page get imputed Username and Password and match Username/password field with CRM account then login and show case related to login account using Query Expression

    Muhammad Sohail

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    Tuesday, June 2, 2015 9:59 AM
  • You can add the external user information into your account form, if there can be multiple users per account (many people from the same company) then you can implement a login/access entity that connects an external user with an account.

    What you need to do is.

    • Add a login portal for external users where they can login (You might be able to make some login functionality in CRM, if you encode the password it could be stored in crm safely etc).
    • Query the CRM account entity or the login/access custom entity with the logged in external users name to find the account guid.
    • Use the guid to query the CRM for the Case(s)
    • Display the cases to the user

    If you are not overly worried about security matters you could make it a tad more simple. (Just noticed you also mentioned create, then this solution is perhaps not the way, unless you allow users to create with only entering a email)

    • Create a portal that takes in a case guid (f.e. with a parameter in the URL)
    • Send the link to the portal with the correct guid as parameter to your external user

    Problem with this way is anyone can view it if they have the link since there is no login required.
    Good thing is its simplicity.

    And I pretty much repeated what sohail450 said 8)

    Halldór Jóhannsson

    Tuesday, June 2, 2015 12:43 PM