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  • I have 500G of music on an external drive. I also have 100G of pictures and 70 G of video which will grow substantialy over the next few years.

    I have 3 windows PC's (that I just installed windows 7 professional on), 1 Ipad, 1 iphone, 2 ipod touch's, 2 ipods for 4 different people who have 4 different libraries and some have multiple devices.

    Itunes installed on all computers.

    I have hardware and a licence for WHS.

    I have a home router (wired and wireless).

    My main problems are:

    every time I change computers, the computer changes the letter on the external drive that the main pc's library,. The new computer cant find the file due to the HD letter change.

    I have multiple computers that I want to share the same library. Everyone can make their own playlists and whenever a song is purchased or cd is added, it should automatically populate in everyone's respective libraries.

    I dont want copies of the libraries on each local machine as I have so much music.

    There seems to be a few options but I am not sure which way to go that will satisfy the requirements I have.

    From what I see: I could go with WHS and firefly to serve the itunes libraries, share a main computer with a very large internal drive (to stop the drive relettering as I change computers) with windows 7 and itunes home sharing and other possibilities.

    Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.


    Friday, January 7, 2011 4:14 PM